Sewing is my passion, my creative outlet, my emotional therapy.  It’s what gives me that tingly feeling in my stomach.  It makes me feel so good, that I want everyone else to experience that feeling too. So that’s why I’m here.  Simply to share what I do in the hope that it may also give YOU those amazing feelings.

I am literally a self taught sewer.  I learnt through trial and error and really, just diving in and having a go!  I may not follow all the rules when I sew, but who cares?  If it works, it works.  I’m not here to teach anyone technical sewing.  I will simply show you how I did it and if it works for you, then great!

I especially love to take commercial patterns and modify them to match current trends.  I will do my best to show you how I’ve achieved this so you can take the bits you like and use them and leave behind the bits you don’t want.

If there’s one piece of advice I could give to anyone sewing, it would be,


Change that neckline.  Modify the waist to sit where it’s most flattering for you.  Get rid of that flounce if it’s not your thing.

You know what works best for you, make it happen!

Happy Sewing,