Flared Godet Skirt

I was so excited the day I was asked to be a BurdaStyle Influencer that I literally danced around the room! I have to admit, I was a little nervous to begin with.  Following patterns is not my usual game.  But, we should never let fear hold us back! So here I am embarking on this journey and hoping you all want to come along too.

My plan is to make a version that follows the pattern exactly and then to make another version, adding my own spin on it. Now that’s the part I looooove!

So today I have the original Flared Godet Skirt, along with my hacked version.

Here’s the original from the BurdaStyle website


This skirt popped up in one of my BurdaStyle emails and it was just so damn cool, I had to make one!  I instantly fell in love with the high cinched waist and those slanted welt pockets.  Obviously I wasn’t the only person to fall head over heels, as it’s also part of the Summer Best Sellers package.

So here’s my version, following the pattern to a T! I was feeling surprisingly daunted by this pattern when I first read it.  But as I went along, I found that it was beautifully designed and it went together so easily.


Check out the seam details and the slanted welt pockets!


So once I’d tackled that dragon, I just HAD to have a play with the pattern.  I really wanted a nice thick, wool skirt.  Winter has just begun here and it is COLD!  I knew that if I used the original pattern with a thick wool, the drape would be all wrong.  So I decided to take some of the fullness out of the skirt and I also took out those beautiful pockets as it would just be too bulky.

Here’s my hack!


As much as I love the original for it’s beautiful details, I also love this version for it’s simplicity and sophistication.


FYI, my top is also a hacked BurdaStyle pattern.  Stay tuned…

Here’s how I hacked the skirt to make this version.

Note: Blue lines = original pattern

Red= hacked with reduced fullness

Green= hacked with fullness reduced more so


First, I eliminated the concealed buttons down the front and opted for a back zip instead.  Then I reduced the fullness of the skirt by changing the angle of the skirt seam from the hip to the bottom of the skirt. As you can see, I’ve drawn over the original pattern with red lines to show the new version and green lines for even more reduction of the fullness of the skirt.


Next, I eliminated the pocket by laying the side front pieces on top of each other so that the welt attachment lines met up and pinned these together.


Here’s a closer look.


Then I laid the connecting pattern pieces together with the seams aligned and traced the red or green lines drawn previously to ensure the seams would match, be smooth and drape nicely when constructed.


I repeated this process for all the seams.img_6615.jpg

Next I had to make a new front facing for the waist, as the concealed buttonholes were eliminated.  I pinned together my darts and seams and traced along this line to create a new curve.


I used the seam allowance for the centre back seam of the waist band and skirt as my zipper allowance.

Here’s a closer look at the waist and zip closure of the hacked skirt


All in all, this was a really fun pattern to make as both an original and a hacked pattern!  These skirts have so many different options as a winter wardrobe and pair so nicely with blouses or jumpers and heels or boots.


I can see this working really well with some softly draping fabrics for a summer version too.  The fullness would work really well with something bright and flowy!

Follow me on my BurdaStyle journey to see what I’ll be making next month.

Happy hacking!

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