BurdaStyle Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants.jpg

I looove, love, love the BurdaStyle Palazzo Pants pattern! I have hacked it in so many ways and worn the heck out of every single version!

I’ve made them with rayon, tencel and gaberdine so far and have a few crepe versions planned for our upcoming winter. All from Spotlight, my favourite hang out!

These babies are so versatile! They can be dressed up, dressed down or simply become lounge wear.

A few versions I’ve made so far (all minus pockets):

The original – minus the pockets. I know, I know, everyone in the sewing world goes crazy over pockets, but not me.  I’m not a fan of pockets.  I have hips and pockets only seem to accentuate that. So out they went!

The cropped original- (not pictured above, there were just too many and they were probably in the wash at the time! lol). Easy peasy, I just cut the length of the leg off, everything else stayed the same.

The elastic waisted cropped – I simply left the darts open and widened the waistband to fit.  Then inserted elastic into the waistband. And of course, cropped the leg length. I also made ties for these with belt loops.  I attached them at the centre back as I get annoyed when ties slip down and around and all over the place.

The original and elastic waisted shorts – Same as above, just cropped to shorts length.

The drape-over-leg – These were a bit tricky and took a bit of trial and error. They are the pink version pictured above.  I took the original leg pattern, left the darts open and drew 2 overlapping layers to go over the front of each leg.  Then I gathered the dart instead of sewing it shut.  This used quite a lot of fabric, but were worth it for such a cool effect. They have the original waist band.

The paper bag waisted pants and shorts – These were fun!  I eliminated the waistband and extended the waist up by about 5cm.  This included darts too.  I drew the additional length of each dart going straight up instead of following the angle it was originally on.  Then I made a facing for this that was exactly the same, but about 10 cm long.  I added belt loops which attached the facing in place nicely and made a tie.

I swear I could make another dozen pairs of these, they are that comfy! And they seem to be very flattering also as I’ve never received so many compliments on a garment before!

Ahhh, the Palazzo Pants! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Happy hacking!

2 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Palazzo Pants

  1. Wow! You’ve certainly sold me on the pattern, but you are the queen of the pattern hack!
    They’re all gorgeous. Can’t wait to try the paper bag waist soon x


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