BurdaStyle Oversized Sweater and Megan Nielsen Rowan Bodysuit Hack – Rollneck Sweater


So this hack is a hybrid of two patterns, the BurdaStyle Oversized Sweater and Megan Nielsen’s Rowan Bodysuit.  There are two versions of the roll neck above.  One is a more structured rollneck and the other is a softer version.  I initially used the more structured version, but later changed to the drapey soft version.  This is the beauty of sewing, you can change anything and do anything you want! I have used a wool/acrylic cable knit fabric that I purchased from Textile Traders.

I will give detailed instructions for hacking the pattern and then I will include a slideshow of the construction.  The construction is very similar to that of my other hacks and you can find detailed instructions of those here that will assist with the construction of this garment.

So lets take a look at the pattern hack to begin with.

IMG_8436Here is my previously hacked BurdaStyle Oversized Sweater pattern.  You can find details of that here.  All I did was eliminate the pockets.  I have removed some of the bulk of the sweater by folding it in along the length of the garment as pictured.  I also wanted a step hem, so i pinned the hemline at the front to the desired length and then left the back hemline about 3 cm longer.

The following three photos are a closer look at how I have removed the bulk by folding in along the length of the garment.IMG_8437

IMG_8438IMG_8439It is important to ensure that the front and back widths are the same. You can also see the step hem in the above photograph.

IMG_8440Next I altered the neckline to accommodate a roll neck.  I laid the Rowan Bodysuit pattern under each of the Oversized Sweater patterns and then laid them all on top of each other, matching the back and front necklines and centre fold lines of all 4. This is really important.  If they don’t all meet up in the right places, you will end up with an ill-fitting garment at the end.

img_8441.jpgHere’s a closer look.


img_8443.jpgOnce aligned pin the two front patterns together and the two back patterns together.

img_8444.jpgTrace the new back pattern.IMG_8445I then laid the traced back pattern on top of the pinned front pattern to ensure all my lines would perfectly meet.img_8446.jpgOnce I was certain that all lines would meet, I traced the front pattern.

img_8447.jpgNext I hacked the turtle neck.  The Rowan Bodysuit comes with a small turtle neck pattern.  I simply extended this both in width and length (I quadrupled the length).  The measurements are photographed.img_8448.jpg

And finally, I had my new pattern!  I didn’t modify the sleeves.  They are the original BurdaStyle Oversized Sweater pattern.IMG_8450

Here is a slideshow of the construction.  You can find detailed instructions of this in my other versions of this garment here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I altered the roll neck after I’d finished constructing this garment.  It didn’t feel like it matched the garment quite right.  So I cut the existing rollneck off and made a looser fitting one.  I simply cut the neckline about 2 cm wider than the original and increased the width of my roll neck.  I made the width of my roll neck almost the same size as the circumference of the neckline as I didn’t require it to pull in flat against the body. It worked out really well and seems to match the look of garment a lot better!

Happy hacking!

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